Berlin Fashion Week: Lavera Showfloor

By December 10, 2014News

Nikolay Bozhilov is an innovative fashion label that celebrates sculptural functionality, the balance between nature and technology, and ethical studio practices. All garments are produced locally in Sofia, Bulgaria, where Nikolay works with his team to create timeless pieces that are trans-seasonal, organically-conceived, and impeccably tailored. The award-winning designer studied at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia for his B.A. and M.A. fashion design degrees, and graduated with honors in 2013. That same year, he established his eponymous label and opened his first retail space in central Sofia. Nikolay has received Bulgaria’s prestigious Golden Needle Fashion Prize as ‘Designer of the Year’ twice, in 2010 and 2013. He was also awarded the International Triumph Inspiration Award in 2010 and a Second Place “Jury Chairman Award’ at the OFFFashion Awards in Poland in 2011. His ethically-made collections are currently featured on NotJustALabel and have been exhibited at Sofia Design Week. He was also a board member and key supporter of Fashion Revolution Day Bulgaria 2014.

The designer’s latest collection, SYMBIOSIS, explores concepts related to garments as ‘design objects’ in direct symbiosis with the human body. These conceptually-conceived pieces explore three kinds of symbiosis: mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism. Nikolay Bozhilov is particularly interested in creating bold sustainable design solutions and wearable models for symbiosis on every level. SYMBIOSIS collection’s uniquely crafted pieces were specifically created to highlight a range of human-to-garment relationships demonstrated by material exploration — from hand-knitting techniques to smart fabrics. The overall aim of SYMBIOSIS is to meet the aesthetic standards of the past and present while also creating a new fashion platform for the future.

Especially for SYMBIOSIS collection Nikolay Bozhilov is collaborating with jewellery designer Neva Balnikova. Neva Balnikova – jewellery designer based in Sofia Bulgaria, working since 2008.

Each piece of her jewellery is a story on it’s own, as well as a social document and a reaction to her environment. She is working with very different materials, so each collection stands on its own. What remains, though, are the gravity of her jewellery, the dignity and austerity they bleed out.

Music selected by Rachel Row.